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Lahore Golf Team Wins Netracon Challenge Cup

LAHORE: The 20-member Lahore Team comprising of 10 leading professional golf players and 10 leading amateur golfers achieved victory over skillful Rawalpindi/Islamabad Team in the 2022 Netracon Challenge Cup Golf 2022 played here at the par 72 Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

In the individual matches, Lahore Team accumulated a total of 15 winning points as against 5 by Rawalpindi/Islamabad Team and in the four ball matches, Lahore Team collected 7 points as against 3 by the opponents. Overall, Lahore Team emerged as the vanquisher with a splendid tally of 22 points while Rawalpindi/Islamabad could just manage 8 points.

Radiance of this memorable clash was owed to the presence of big names like Shabbir Iqbal, Hamza Amin, Minhaj Maqsood and Taimur Hassan for Rawalpindi/Islamabad and Ahmed Baig, M Alam, M Shahzad, Shahid Javed, Salman Jehangir and Hussain Hamid for Lahore. However team members from each side were 20 and victory was only possible if majority played to ability and capacity. And for Lahore those, who displayed commanding form, were golf professionals including M Afzal, Shahid Javed, Aasher Hanif, M Shahzad, Aadil Jehangir and M Alam. Out of amateur team members, Hussain Hamid played formidably as did Qasim Ali Khan, Salman Jehangir, M Arsalan, Danish Javed, Mohsen Zafar, Nouman Ilyas, Ahsan Khawaja and Ahmed Jabran.

For the Rawalpindi/Islamabad Team captained by Amir Farooq, Shabbir Iqbal was dominant in his own match of skills and also self assured was Hamza Amin, Bilal Shah and Minhaj Maqsood. The amateur, who looked classy, was Ralfey Raja. It was great victory for Lahore and their team members played with avidity and vigor that was exemplary. At the conclusion of the event, Asghar Shirazi, MD of Netracon Technologies, awarded prizes to the winning team individually and the winning trophy that was distinguished.

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