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Tiger Woods comes clean about his current physical state in recent interview

Ever since Tiger Woods began experiencing physical issues that preventedhim from golfing properly, we still haven’t gotten the legendary player who dominates the opposition without contest. The accident he suffered didn’t help the cause as Woods has undergone various medical procedures in both his injured leg and his back. Currently, he was struggling with a fused ankle that reporters recently asked him about during a press conference. According to Woods, the ankle pain is gone but the rest of his leg is still experiencing some important pain. Every time people get a wiff he might be playing again, the entire world pays attention because golf enthusiasts are always up for a Tiger Woods special.

As per AP, Tiger Woods revealed that while his ankle pain is gone, there are many different leg pains he is currently experiencing. Due to this news, there is still no specific return date from Woods. This is what he told reporters on Tuesday: “My ankle is fine. Where they fused my ankle, I have absolutely zero issue whatsoever. That pain is completely gone. It’s the other areas that have been compensated for. But all the surrounding areas is where I had all my problems, and I still do. So you fix one, others have to become more hypermobile to get around it, and it can lead to some issues. I’m pretty sore after caddying for four days. It was a flat course, thank God.”

Woods was the caddy of son Charlie Woods during the Notah Begay III Junior Golf National Championship. In video footage shown online, Tiger is walking around carrying a bag of golf equipment his son used during the tournament. Woods did this in order to test his strength while walking on a golf course, which was flat in this occasion. Tiger confirmed he may not withstand a much more challenging ground after struggling last weekend. In short, getting to see Tiger Woods back at the highest level is highly unlikely at the moment. Unfortunately, injuries have stained his career throughout the years and prevented him from playing in this later part of his career.

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