16 Resources That’ll Make Your Game Better

At the point when we talk about getting better at golf, our minds usually race to the big stuff—joining a club, working more with an expert, switching out your irons and woods with clubs that match your specs. These can be factors in shaving strokes off your score. But it’s important to note there are incremental improvements that you can make to your game without spending much money or time. Here are twenty to consider right now.

1. Walk More

Forget the fact that walk is just better for you. There’s simply no denying that you’re more on top of the game when you walk. You have the chance to calm down after the terrible shot; you have a chance to look at where the pin is as you’re walking to your ball and choose what side of the green you need to play too. You have time to summarize the risk and reward of that shot over a water hazard.

2. Your balance

Spot an alignment stick or old shaft parallel to your ball target line and remain on it, ensuring it runs under the centre of both feet. Address a ball with a mid/short iron and check your balance at set-up; the stick will let you know whether you are a lot in the toes or heels. From here hit 10 balls, again concentrating on your balance; the stick reveals any toe/heel tendencies and truly features where your balance ought to be.

3. Improve your capacity to read your shots

Each ball flight is the result of a mixture of angle, club path and attack angle at impact. At the point when you understand what combination produces which flight, you can start to apply that knowledge to your shots. From here you can focus on the ‘x’ considerably more quickly and be far more effective in your goals.

4. Widen Your Stance

There is a reason you can swing your driver quicker than some other club in your bag. The driver is the longest club in your bag and thus features a larger swing arc which brings about more speed. 

It’s important that you simply will swing the driving force faster than the other club and, in this way, need a solid base for your swing. Set up, therefore the outside of your shoulders extends right down to the within of your feet at address. This will guarantee you have a solid enough base to swing the club in balance and with power once you start to extend your speed.

5. Tilt Your Spine

Although the essential elements of the iron and driver swing are the equivalent there is one aspect that is different between the two shots. 

With an iron swing, the ball is on the ground, and we should strike “down” on the golf ball. With the driver, the ball is put on a tee, and subsequently, we should do the other and hit “up” on the ball. Notice in the situation above how the left shoulder is marginally higher than the proper shoulder. This is often a result of a slight tilt of the spine at the address. 

The reason for the spine tilt is set the player in a place to hit upon the golf ball, a key element that you should concentrate on when increasing driver distance.

6. Use More Loft

While the facts demonstrate that a number of the long drive competitors use driver lofts under 6 degrees, by far most of PGA Tour players, many professional golfers are using more and more loft each year on their drivers. Because of progressions in technology, we all know the most efficient swing is to “launch” a ball is with high loft, low spin and hitting up on the golf ball. Dustin Johnson, one of the most remarkable drivers of the golf ball on the PGA Tour uses an 11-degree driver

7. Monitor Your Weaknesses 

Whether you play every day, consistently or every weekend, therefore, if you need to see an improvement after some time, you’ll have to monitor your round-by-round performance to work out what needs the most work. How many fairways did you hit from the tee, what a number of greens-in- regulations did you get, or how frequently did you take 2, 3 or more putts once you got onto the green? All-important statistics, and important to write down, just as your general score to get better over time.

8. Develop a Routine for Putting

“Drive for show, putt for dough” is one of the oft-rehashed sayings of golf and its true! Getting on the brink of the opening, nerves and an entire raft of other factors can reduce even the best players to jelly. 

A method to limit this is to make a putting schedule that works for you. Be it breathing routine, work on a swing or visualizing the shot, find a routine that works and use it always. Keep in mind, when it involves putting, there’s no substitute for practice, practice and more practice!

9. Master Bunker Shots 

Do not ever hit the ball first. Aim two- or three inches behind the ball to keep away from overshooting the target and most likely ending up with another bunker shot. Secondly, keep your weight on your front foot during the swing and your left arm straight. At that point, you should watch the sand and your ball gracefully float out of that bunker.

10. Practice Shots From 100-Yards in 

It’s probably no mystery to you that the majority of your shots in golf are from 100-yards and in. Therefore, it is sensible that if you would like to lower your golf scores, then this is often the primary area you would like to start out practising.

11. Join a Golf League

Golf is a game meant to be played in groups. Hence join a golf league. You will make new friends, and the feeling of comradeship offers an elevated golfing experience. Golf leagues help golfers get a tournament like an experience for all of their golf league rounds. And if you join a golf league that uses the latest technology for digital scoring and live leaderboards like GemGolfers (www.gemgolfers.com), then you are in for a treat. With live leaderboard, your Golf leagues will be able to offer a Professional level tournament experience. 

12. Be Helpful to Others in Your Group

Follow the flight of all tee shots, not simply your own. Once in the fairway, help other people search for their ball. Volunteer to fill in a divot or rake a bunker for another player if necessary. Be prepared to go to the flagstick for other people.

13. Hit the gym

Whether it’s lifting weights or performing on cardio, core strength is essential. While playing golf, it can assist you with finding the strength to hit out of intense situations on the course, also make it easier for you to be ready to walk the course while carrying your own bag for 18 holes.

14. Never give up 

Each round of golf is a chance to find out about your game. In the event that things aren’t going your way, and you pack it in for the day by the 8th hole, a really bad habit might start to make. You will attempt to stay positive during your round, and not let your past shots affect your present one. This is probably the hardest thing to master.

15. Be honest with yourself

Perhaps the hardest activity as a golf player seems to be, honesty about your abilities. Not knowing your strengths prompts many mistakes on the course that lead the cause to double and triple bogeys, or in other words, round killers. For instance, if you have 155 yards to the flagstick, and you realize you should hit your 7-iron perfectly to reach within a few feet of the flagstick, but what if that is not your best club and you are better with a 6 iron.  In which case probably best to go with the distance and the club that is your strength and play safe rather than being aggressive and missing shots. 

16. Better Diet 

Finally, to be a far better golfer, you would like to eat an appropriate, nutritious breakfast before the round. As a golfer, you should also make sure you take care of your body needs during the round. So make sure to hydrated during the round. Take something light and bites like natural product/nuts then forth routinely as against eating chocolate candy and having a beverage at the turn.


Well, that is it. You’re off and running. Remember when learning and playing the game to deal with your desires, emotions and appreciate the procedure. It’s a hard game, one that can never be aced and even if you have played it your entire lives. So take care of your body, use your mental strength, know your golf game, know your favourite club and distance and above all enjoy the game. The low scores will come naturally

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