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9 Best Golf League Apps For iPhone

Golf league apps with GPS function are pricey gadgets, and their cost isn’t always justifiable. After all, they’re just relatively unimpressive computers with a bunch of tracking sensors and a mediocre display. That’s why golf League Apps for iPhone have taken the planet of golf by storm, helping other golfers perfect their game and have more fun on the course.

Grab your bag and have some fun:

Our top EIGHT best golf apps for iPhone won’t turn you into subsequent Rory McIlroy, Jason Day, or Tiger Woods, but they’re bound to offer you yet one more reason to grab your bag, call your buddies, and have some fun.

Golf League apps run the spectrum from fun and fanciful to super-technical, with an abundance of tech to reinforce your experience.


18Birdies Golf GPS & Scorecard:

18Birdies’ aerial view is full of stats to up your game. Its rich features and ever-growing community make it an excellent place to start out. Its on-course functions include scoring, statistics tracking, and mapping. There’s also a handy tab for logging any friendly bets your group may need to be wagered.

You can also fill your clubhouse downtime by browsing the app’s news feed or Dream Games feature. It will reward you with swag both minor (gloves, head wear) and major (trips to the Masters and U.S. Open).


One of the best apps GemGolfers has transformed the golf round into an immersive & interactive experience. The offers ability to set up your round or tournament in minutes with automatic flight set up, choice of 1 or 4 day tournaments and multiple playing formats to choose from GemGolfers presents comprehensive ability to record and view your game improving statistics in efficient and easy graphs.It has offered live leader board for each tournament which is available on internet and mobile.



Borrowing a touch from dating apps to offer you the simplest chance of meeting compatible golfers. It displays your skill level and preferred methods of play (competitive, friendly, couple’s golf, etc.) on an area map.

Advanced golfers often address one source of instruction (a PGA professional) as their games develop. Beginners, however, can enjoy experimenting with the fast, easily digestible tips that are the stock-in-trade of Golf Channel Academy’s vast video content.

The Golf Tracer

Fine-tune the design of your shot tracer to form it social media-ready. Here’s something everyone can agree on: Shot tracers are awesome.

You need to just point your iPhone at a golfer and therefore the Golf Tracer will produce one among those candy-coloured arcs that have revolutionized PGA Tour broadcasts. It’s also perfect for posting to social media when your buddy hooks one off the cliff on the 18th at Pebble Beach.

The Official Rules of Golf

For decades, dog-eared copies of the USGA’s governing pamphlet have burrowed deep within the recesses of each competitive player’s bag. Because golfers who aren’t sure of a rule often worry about slowing down play behind them, the sweetness of the principles of Golf is obvious: Its search function finds the relevant decision in seconds.

Golfshot Plus: Golf GPS + AR

Instead of displaying a basic aerial view of the opening, you’re playing, Golfshot Plus uses augmented reality (AR) to point out you distances to the green, hazards, and targets from your own point of view. Among the app’s many valuable features are its membership options, which even include video instruction from top teachers like Martin Chuck and Sean Foley.

Baggr Caddies |Golf Caddie App

Baggr Caddies quickly connects caddies and club pros. it initially began to help golfers find caddies. It still does that, but the app has since morphed into an excellent tool for club pros and caddies masters to raised organize their programs.

Through efficient scheduling and centralized communication, it can turn a caddie yard from a price centre into a self-sufficient enterprise, sometimes with enough money left over to defray lost cart revenue or throw into a bonus pool.

Hudl Technique Golf

Hudl Technique is widely employed by athletes and coaches in many sports (baseball, soccer, track and field) to record and review a movement in the movie. Golfers have their own version of the app: Hudl Technique Golf shows you your swing side by side with top Tour players.

This is often especially useful for seasoned players who can interpret a video’s swing positions and anatomical information.Golf league apps are revolutionizing the game of golf through the innovative technology.

Golf Genius

Golf pros are famous for fixing long hours on the range, but teaching is typically only one of the many responsibilities. The event planning app Golf Genius and its accompanying website are an important time-saving tool. For those organizing tournaments, it handles registration and payment, builds easy custom websites, and takes care of live scoring. For golf trip hosts, it arranges pairings, travel, tee time, and hotel logistics, and may even assemble digital photo books as keepsakes.