How to manage Golf Leagues with Smart Golf League App

Golf leagues are a vital part of any golfing community. They add to the comradeship and interest in the game and ensure participation. Managing Golf leagues and league tournaments is generally a thankless job. The Golf league management requires sending out invites for the tournament, setting up the tournament, compiling all the results, sending out the results and if the league has a Most valuable player or best player for the season then that calculation has to be done also. Not to mention if multiple tournament types are played then managing them in parallel can be a daunting task.

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Gem Golfers Golf League App

Gem Golfers Golf League App offers the opportunity to automate the whole process of league management and summarise that into a few minutes task on league managers cellular devices. It also offers an enhanced and improved golfing experience to all the golf league members with advanced features and tools like:

  • Live leaderboard
  • All historical data of the previous games
  • Detailed scores per hole
  • Ability to add advanced game improvement statistics by individual players
  • Receive information from league organiser through in-app messages
  • The full season league schedule is available within the application
  • The Tee off time, Tee box and players partners details is also available as soon as the groupings are confirmed

And all this is available within the app for each and every individual player.

Digital Scorecard is simple and intuitive, with a few clicks score for each hole for all the group as well as detailed statistics are added. In addition, the option is available to set the tournament where players themselves can add the scores or the league can ask marshalls or scorers to add the score. In both instances, the scores are added via the mobile app and the data is available real-time for all the players and members of the league.

Besides, it will take out all the hassles and issues when it comes to setting up and calculating points for complicated games, for example, stable ford. Allowing the league organisers to offer many new and interesting formats of play during the course of the season.

Gem Golfers saves your time

GemGolfers will allow you to save a considerable amount of time. It automates almost all of the functions of league management and tournament setup and management. Which will allow league owners/administrators to efficiently manage their leagues with minimal time commitment and via their mobile devices? Gem Golfers is a unique golf app in this sense as it specifically offers solutions for Golf leagues/ groups and tours.

User-friendly interface

Any golfing app requires the golfers to input scores during their game the UI has to be user friendly and intuitive. Gem Golfers has been designed with exactly that in mind. Now golfers can within a few seconds and a couple of clicks enter the score for the whole group in the app. Which is then reflected real-time in the live leaderboard, available to all the participants and league members via their mobiles or the URL via web browsers.

Golf League App

GemGolfers makes the game easy for golfers:

With GemGolfers the league administrators and players now don’t have to worry about any information, scorecard, leaderboard or results. All this is done in real time. All the back and forth communication for finding your tee-off times, the tee box and the playing group, as well as the leaderboard, is taken out of the equation. This and all other information for the league is available within GemGolfers for the Golf league members.

GPS Distances

GemGolfers offers GPS distance information for the players. The advanced GPS system allows the user to get the distance from the tee to the green or pick an interim point and also get a distance for the second shot. In addition, players can move the flag on the green to find out the exact distance to the pin. And set the distance marker to their location to see exactly the distance required for their next shot. Making the game predictable and fun.

Offers live leaderboard

Live leaderboards is a game-changer. This particular feature previously was only available to large and PGA tournaments but now even a small league / group can avail this functionality. The ability to know the scores of all the participants and where you stand among the peers is an immersive experience. The ability to know the strokes required to win in the last stretch or the last hole can allow a person to play with different strategies. The live leaderboard available for the whole league now includes the non playing members to be part of the tournament even without participating. 


GemGolfers is the must and go-to app for any Golf League or Golf group. The induction of this app in the league will reduce the time required for management, set up and execution of tournaments also reducing the communication between organisers and players and above all automating the dissemination of the scores, leaderboards and offering the ability to play various playing formats with same ease. Result is an all inclusive and immersive experience that can only be rivalled by a large PGA tournament.

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