Michael Jordan Golf Course

Michael Jordan Golf Course Features Flying Drones … That Deliver Booze!!!

Michael Jordan’s golf course in Florida features flying drones that deliver food and booze straight to the fairways … and video captured by tennis star Caroline Wozniacki at the place this week shows it’s all AWESOME!!!

The course — which just opened in 2019 after YEARS of planning, developing and constructing — is insane … it’s called The Grove XXIII and it’s built on a huge plot of land in Hobe Sound, FL.

The holes are super sleek, and the club has a dope 15,000-square-foot clubhouse … but the coolest part has got to be the drones!!

MJ replaced beer carts with flying ships that bring alcohol and snacks to golfers … and in videos that show the whole process, you can see just how cool it is.

Wozniacki — who was getting in some run on the course this week — filmed the whole thing … as did others, and you can see it’s really freakin’ cool.

The problem for you normies looking to experience it? MJ’s club is SUPER EXCLUSIVE — it reportedly has less than 100 members!!

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