Quaid-e-Azam Golf Championship To Underway

The ZIC Quaid-e-Azam Amateur Golf Championship will tee off on today, at the elegant Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course.

A paramount event of the National Golf Calendar, this noteworthy golf clash entices and lures golf players with dexterous golf playing abilities who have converged to this historic golf course to match skills with rivals of distinction.

Participating contenders have put in long hours of practice, simply to ensure that their aspiration of standing out as players of calibre gets endorsed and in due course national honors will enhance their stature in the golfing arenas of Pakistan.

Unquestionably, golf championships of this magnitude represent occasions that provide adept ones to reveal their comprehension of the golf playing techniques, flair and expertise and if they can translate their capabilities into match winning scores, the acclamations are theirs for the asking.

Draws lined up for tomorrow, Friday opening 18 holes for amateurs reflect impressive numbers of the high toned classy players. A total of seventy five qualified competitors play to a handicap of nine and below and this gives the competition an extraordinary relevance.

Presence of Names like Qasim Ali Khan, Mohsen Zafar, Ahsan Khawaja, Rustam Ali Chatta, Ahmed Kayani, Taimur Shabbir, Salman Jehangir and Damil Ataullah augments and boosts the intensity of the race for top prizes while there is no negation of the playing strengths possessed by a few lesser known names who have the required robustness to curb the advance of the more settled and entrenched torch bearers. And contenders like Omer Farooq, Salman Hanif, Moghees Khan, Rizwan Raees Khan, Hussain Hamid, Hassan Samiuddin and Raza Ali Khan can be placed in this category.

The prizes at stake are attractive and besides trophies the winners will get useful golf equipment related gifts. In numerical terms, the competing hopefuls add up to a total of 124 amateur golfers.

The playing arena is the par 72, excellent Lahore Gymkhana Golf Course layout, and for three rounds it will be ” the player versus the golf course”. Fairways are in superb condition and will facilitate crisp shot making; the roll on the greens is amply smooth to enable top contenders to go for the six footers.

This Golf Course has a refreshing appearance and participating golfers will be delighted with the playing conditions.

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