The Next Big Thing in Golf Tournaments

Traditionally the system for collecting and displaying scores for golf tournaments has been hand filled with cards. Actually, that is the R&A requirement for the tournaments as well. But in the wake of COVID-19 how long this tradition will last is only to be seen. Contactless tournament management and execution both for the players and the organisers are the things that will happen.  Not to mention the time-consuming part for score entry and later availability of the results have always been a problem. Which makes, other than the professional tournaments, a bit of a nuisance for both players, their followers, spectators and tournament organisers.

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In golf tournaments, you want the players to be highly engaged with their scores of the playing fields and the overall competition in the course. This can only happen with real-time scores and digitization of the scorecards.

In the past, scores were slow to update:

Therefore, in the absence of digital leaderboard, the scores were clunky and slow to update. In the past, Golf Tournaments’ participants hadn’t had quick and easy access to it. Also, it was an expensive endeavour to hire someone at that time to post a score on board.

Nowadays, digital technology has contributed a lot in the making of a user-friendly golf app. With the invention of this revolutionary tool, any golf course can easily enhance the competition by using a cloud-based leaderboard.

Digital Golf App helps make the whole process Rapid:

Golf tournament app lets you connect through a scoring app so you can follow all the scores live. Implementing a live leaderboard is a great way to get players excited and make the tournament more fun and competitive.

To engage golfers, especially ones who are visiting your course for the first time, using a live leaderboard is the perfect way to add value and create great memories about how advanced and cool your facility is. Not just golfers but it is also an engaging tool for the spectators and the organisers.

Now we will throw light on the latest features of golf app technology.

You can manage your golf leagues from your smartphone:

Through the app, you can easily set up the League match, make flights and launch it directly from your phone within seconds. Also, you can set up matches between leagues/groups of golfers. One more thing, you don’t need to worry about gathering stats for leagues, because the app will do this for you. As soon as the match is concluded, the stats are automatically updated.

Create your own events:

The golf app allows you to create your own events. Furthermore, you will be able to invite your friends to participate in the event through this innovative technology.


Additionally, the app allows you to access golf tournament scorecards not just your own but for all the participants during the round or a tournament.  As a result, you can get real-time live scoring for all the participants.

Live Leaderboard Facility:

The revolutionary app enables you to view live leaderboard anytime during the round. Besides, you can also participate in tournaments by simply browsing through upcoming events. Or you can send a request to participate. The live leaderboard is available through the mobile app as well as via URL.

Instant result:

Digital golf helps you to get an instant result after completion of the round. That is why the golf app is known as the fastest medium of information. As soon as the operator adds a score in the app, the results are updated and available to everyone.

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